About 'The Queen'

Nancy Burkes is the Biscotti Queen! 

An entrepreneur who has turned her passion for baking into a successful business, Nancy's specialty is biscotti. Taking traditional Italian biscotti and creating the first-ever biscotti cookie hybrid — the Biscookie!

Nancy's journey to becoming the Biscotti Queen began at the age of 40 when she decided to pursue her lifelong passion for baking - studying Baking & Pastry at George Brown College and becoming a professionally trained Pastry Chef. 

Nancy has spent over 30 years perfecting her Biscookie recipe! A treat adored by family and friends. 

In 2019, Nancy took a leap of faith and opened Biscotti Queen! Nancy's success is a testament to the power of following your dreams. Her dedication to the quality of her product has earned her a loyal following who appreciate the care she puts into every batch of Biscookies - each batch made fresh to order, with love. 

Her Biscookies are made with locally sourced, pure ingredients and come in a variety of innovative flavors. All Biscookies are nut-free. Made easy to order, you can opt for delivery or pick up. 

A delicious dessert to enjoy every day, on holidays, and for special occasions.